Teen Line


The TEEN LINE volunteers are high school teens who answer calls, emails and texts and have been screened through an application process and once selected receive an intensive 60-hour training program. The listeners do not judge or give advice; rather, they listen with empathy, assist teens by helping them clarify their concerns, identify healthy problem-solving strategies, and positive decision making.
TEEN LINE listeners are specifically trained to handle adolescent issues, which can include relationship and family trauma, divorce, depression, and psychological problems, bully, alcoholism, STI and AIDS concerns, pregnancy, sexuality, gangs, homelessness, violence and suicidal ideation.
The average age of a suicidal caller to TEEN LINE in L.A. is 12 years old!! Of all “completed” suicides in L.A., Latino teens make up more than 50% of those deaths.
They are able to provide banners free of charge to schools and recreation centers to offer a resource for teens in need. Please contact 818-298-8990 for Michelle Carlson, the executive director if you have more questions.