The Keys to Your Future Starts Now


Stephanie Najar

Almost everyone has been asked the same question, “What do you want to do when you grow up?”

Did you know that no matter how you answered that question;  all jobs or careers involve school or education in some form?

A very wise man recently told me a story about the relationship between keys and education.  He said that every time you complete a part of your education, you receive a key.  The keys open doors that can make you a better life.  When you graduate from NVMI you get your first key.  This first key opens a door to a room that is nice like a large bedroom.  When you graduate from Los Angeles Mission College you get another key that adds another room.  The Los Angeles Mission College key opens a master suite bedroom with an attached bathroom.  As you progress and complete additional education you receive more keys that open even more elaborate and beautiful rooms.  This simple analogy is the simple truth about education and success in life.  How many keys do you want on your keyring?

Everybody needs to earn a key to their own space. Some of us will only have the one key and that’s ok because you earned your key and its yours.  No one can ever take away your key.  Other students will have a whole key ring filled with keys because they continued with their education and earned keys for their associate degree, bachelor degree and professional degrees.  Whatever path you choose starts with earning that first key.  Now is the time to study and earn your first key.  How many keys will you have on your key ring in 5- 10-15 years from now?