Feeling Stressed?

Feeling Stressed?

Barrett Redelman

The pandemic event that we are experiencing has required many changes from all of us. During World War II, people in this country had to pull together and sacrifice, for the better of the country. They were only able to buy small amounts of foods like meat and cheese, and had to cut down on activities like driving, and using electricity, in order to help provide food, fuel, and supplies for the soldiers.
This pandemic requires sacrifices from us all, and as a community NVMI cadets and Staff  continue to pull together and help each other through this hard time. Many of us find ourselves irritable, frustrated, sad, angry, or anxious. We need to take extra care of our mental health, talk with adults we trust about what we are going through, and encourage each other to accept help when we need it.

This pandemic is very difficult to fight, and our goals are intangible. Instead of working together like we did during World War II, many people in the public spotlight are arguing about how to fight the pandemic. At the same time, several other very serious problems are going on in our country (the Black Lives Matter movement and police violence, people losing their jobs, families being evicted, businesses closing down, etc.).

No kids have had to make it through a pandemic this serious since 1917, over 100 years ago. We are all going to have to lean on each other, and use outside supports to get through this. Please see the talk and text resources below that are available 24/7, for free. If you want professional care please consider calling the Access Line, or your healthcare provider to access mental health care.

“If you need to go fast, go alone… if you need to go far, go together.”  Together we can make it on the long journey through this pandemic. Please help each other, and be kind.

Phone Support by talk or text:

24/7 – always available and free

Send a text to the Crisis Text line: Text the word “HOME” to 741741 (to text with a trained crisis counselor who will listen to what is going on and help make a plan to get through it and stay safe) https://www.crisistextline.org/

24/7 – always available and free
Warm line: 1-855-845-7415
Want to talk to a friendly voice who just gets it?
Warmline is a volunteer organization that is committed to providing emotional support to all callers, regardless of background or identity.

24/7 – always available and free

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255
24/7 free service that connects people in crisis with a trained counselor, quickly.

24/7 – always available and free

LGBTQ Crisis Line – The Trevor Project: 1-800-488-7386

or TEXT ‘Start’ to – 678678

or click the Chat icon at the top right: https://www.thetrevorproject.org/get-help-now/

24/7 free service that connects people in crisis with a trained counselor, quickly.

Additional LGBTQ Resources Here

6pm-9pm daily-

The Los Angeles Teen Line: CALL 310-855-4673, or TEXT the word “TEEN” to 839863 (a free service where teens can talk to a trained teen who will listen from 6pm to 9pm every night). http://www.teenline.org


Emergency Contacts:

If anyone is hurt or in immediate danger, please call 911.

If anyone is experiencing a mental health emergency (threatening to harm themself, unable to control their thoughts or actions), please call (800) 854-7771 anytime 24 hours a day, and ask for the Psychiatric Mobile Response Team (“PMRT”).

Mental Health Care:

Step 1: Access Line:  (800) 854-7771
Call the Access Line number and you will be connected with a worker who can assess your child’s needs and connect you with services at the next available appointment time.

Step 2: The access line will refer you to a clinic near you.

There are many community clinics, and one example is:

Child and Family Guidance Center
Address:6851 Lennox Ave Suite #100, Van Nuys, CA 91405 (818-739-5400), or
9650 Zelzah Ave, Northridge, CA 91325 (818-993-9311)

Kaiser Permenente
Getting a telehealth therapist through Kaiser is quick and easy: Call 1-800-700-8705, and answer a set of questions, then they will link you with an outside therapist who can meet with you for video sessions.

Kaiser also has 2 apps that are free for members:
My Strength (wellness app)
Calm (meditaion app)
you can find them on the wellness resources tab once you’ve signed in.

Free meditation/relaxation apps:
Please look at the recommendations for free apps on this website.

NVMI cares about you being ok, so that we all get through this together.

Thank you,
NVMI Student Support Services & Mental Health Staff