It’s time for “The Contest”!


The contest is a new semi-virtual experience unique to NVMI wherein you can earn points for participating in fun Challenges, Tasks, and Activities (CTAs) and trade those points in later for prizes that you get to vote on! It’s been a hectic year so we’re keeping it simple and rolling out an opportunity to have some fun and interact with the NVMI community. No fancy name, no complicated structure, just a contest where you can earn points and win prizes. 

Over the next 10 weeks, more than 50 CTAs will be posted to a dedicated google classroom including live interactive hosted games, holiday challenges, and even passive ways to earn points! You get to choose which ones you’d like to participate in and as you earn points you’ll rise through 5 levels of prizes before unlocking the Grand Prize in the Winners Circle!

Here’s the best part. YOU can help decide on some CTAs and prizes that are offered! Listen up in LOC for how to get your voice heard, and other contest announcements from your Platoon’s Cadet Activities Board representatives!

Questions should be directed to:

C/2LT Vargas ([email protected]


C/SSG Carrillo ([email protected])