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Training Schedule 11/23/20
  Home Remedies to Help Cure Covid-19
  Home Remedies to Help Cure Covid-19
Anastasia Cano, Staff Writer • December 12, 2020

             COVID-19 cases are increasing every day.  People continue to not take precautions, such as wearing masks.   Many...

Home Cooking Adventures
Home Cooking Adventures
Valery Hernandez Flores, Staff Writer • December 12, 2020

Everyone loves that feeling of walking into a room and being hit with an aroma bomb. Sometimes it’s freshly baked cookies, other times it’s...

From the Brigade Commander
From the Brigade Commander
November 25, 2020

Growing up I didn’t see anything but a black little girl. I grew up hearing: “Can I touch your hair?” “Have you always been that dark or did you just get darker?” “Your...

Align a Platoon
November 20, 2020


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